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This bright, colorful board book features words most familiar to young ones, such as Toys, Clothes, Food and Pets, and will build vocabulary skills with over 80 flaps to lift....

Title : 100 First Words (My Big Book of Lift and Learn)
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ISBN : 9781589256071
ISBN13 : 978-1589256071
Format Type : Audio Book
Language : Englisch
Publisher : Tiger Tales Auflage Ltf Brdbk 1 September 2013
Number of Pages : 380 Pages
File Size : 568 KB
Status : Available For Download
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100 First Words (My Big Book of Lift and Learn) Reviews

  • Leska
    2019-02-24 03:46

    There are 2 pictures of each object in the book and this gives a child a better view and understanding of that object if they did not see it before.My son loves the book and this is the only thing that keeps him seated on the potty)))The only thing that is not very convenient is the size of the book. It is a bit big for my 21 months old son.

  • Nicole Melo
    2019-03-04 09:06

    I really liked the idea of this book with the flaps being more interactive, but my daughter has a hard time lifting the flaps especially since they open in different directions.. I think maybe once she's a little older it'll be easier for her. She did rip one of the flaps off day one. The book will never be the same but I managed to do my best at gluing it back together. My biggest complaint though is the inconsistency of the pictures. I feel like it's confusing for a baby learning to associate new words. For example: There's a picture of a girl kissing a horse and then you lift the flap and it's a picture of a foal and it says "horse and foal" but on the front its a horse and child and inside its just a foal but no horse. Then there's the one with a baby chick on the flap and then you open it up and its a mother hen with her chicks, but it says "hen and chick," but there's more than one chick. I also feel like the picture of the object by itself should be always on the outside and then the picture of the child interacting with the object on the inside. Because sometimes you have balloons by themselves on the outside and the child holding balloons on the inside and then other times you have the child eating a sandwich (which you can't even tell it's a sandwich) on the outside and the picture of the sandwich on the inside. Its hard to understand what to learn from the photos when the subject seems to be the child and not the object. Maybe I'm being too picky, but it does bother me. If my daughter hadn't ripped the flap off from the get go, I might have returned this book.

  • TruthRevealer
    2019-03-02 05:00

    My 1 year old LOVES this. This is one of her top 3 books. She constantly looks at the pictures and is entertained by lifting the flaps.There are some images that I think they could have improved, considering that this is a learning book. For instance, on top of the flaps is a picture of blocks and when you lift the flap there's a picture of a baby and the parts of blocks that are almost out of frame. For someone learning about blocks, this really just looks like a baby. Similarly for carrot, there's a picture of carrots on top of the flap, flip it open and it's a picture of a toddler and a small little carrot in his/her mouth. Not a good depiction of carrot. At least the toddler could have been eating a bigger carrot.4/5 because baby LOVES it but I think the images could have been improved. Overall, all images are accurate (shouldn't be a problem, but I've seen other books with inaccurate labeling). I would buy again.

  • Rive Reviews (Lone Wolf of 1)
    2019-03-04 00:58

    It has survived the milk spitup test. It wiped clean without leaving a watermark on the book.Before reading to your child, you may want to go through and open the flaps first without them. You might get frustrated and tear the border of the flaps. After the initial detaching, the flaps are fine and sturdy. I just was in a rush and my fingernails did a little damage. So minimal but I'm the type to notice.

  • LAmom
    2019-02-23 01:13

    Our toddler loves this book. I wish I had bought it earlier for her to enjoy. Just keep in mind this book is BIG and therefore heavy. It would probably work well on the floor or an adult holding it up on a lap, but it's way too heavy for my 2 year old to hold it up to look at. I brought it on the car for her to "read" while commuting and noticed that it's unwieldy for her to hold in her car seat.

  • MikaKira
    2019-02-18 09:06

    I work in a library and this book has held up in excellent shape. My daughter loved it so much I decided to buy her her own copy. I was really worried the flaps would rip off but none of them have, in fact she has been so rough with the binding that whole pages have been removed and she just spreads the pages out around herself. I first brought this book home when she was 10 months and thought she would be too young to enjoy it but I was definitely wrong. The only critique I have is that some flaps are misleading. On the animal page they may show pictures of a lion and then you lift a flap and it’s a lion and cub. So now I’ve guessed wrong.