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In New Orleans, The Criminally Insane Pose A Growing ThreatIt is hotter than hell in New Orleans and newly promoted Police Commander Jack Francoise is battling horrific crime in the Vieux Carre The number of criminally insane continues to rise without explanation and nurses at the Psychiatric Pavilion are doling out Thorazine cocktails to theseviciously psychotic patients to the best of their ability When Murder Strikes, The New Orleans Heat Isnt The Only Unsettling PresenceAlexandra Destephano, legal counsel for the hospital is troubled by safety issues and is working hard to protect patients and staff The violence escalates, and brutal beatings and murder become the order of the day as life in the Big Easy becomes Uneasy The Imposter by Judith Lucci is a gripping medical thriller that will entertain readers and have them enthralled for a very long time As a reader, you ll find yourself saying, Just one chapter until you turn the last page Highly entertaining Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers FavoriteScroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today...

Title : The Imposter: Second Book in the Alexandra Destephano Medical Thriller Series (English Edition)
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The Imposter: Second Book in the Alexandra Destephano Medical Thriller Series (English Edition) Reviews

  • Hypnotist 101
    2019-06-15 16:24

    So I read another of Judith Lucci's Alex Destephano books recently and I was impressed by the depth of the characters and the complexity of the plot. This one is full of the same qualities, with a story line that keeps you guessing at every turn of the page, a deranged psycho killer on the loose, and a desperate team of cops and medical staff trying to contain the carnage and stop the butchery. Very exciting.

  • Lilly
    2019-05-24 22:01

    The setting for this riveting tale is New Orleans. At the beginning of the book a gruesome murder occurs in the French quarter and a nurse is attacked as she heads to her car after completing her shift at the Pavilion, a building in the Crescent City Medical Center complex that houses psychiatric patients, leaving her almost recognizable. It appears a psycho is on the loose. Dedicated Commander Jack Francoise is working on the cases, and Alex, the hospital’s attorney, is trying to figure out if any of the psychiatric patients could be involved and dealing with the hospital politics. Then to make matters worse, an elderly patient is assaulted and murdered.This second book in the Alexandra Destephano series is just as exciting as the first. The author, Judith Lucci, has done an exceptional job in developing likable characters and villains along with a complex thriller full of twists and turns that kept me intrigued as I wondered who-dun-it. Highly recommended!

  • Reggie
    2019-05-26 17:28

    In the novel, The Imposter, Crescent City Medical Center comes to the fore as the New Orleans location where medical atrocities are taking place. Alexandra Desephano is the main character, as in the other medical mysteries that I’ve read and enjoyed by Judith Lucci. Jack Francoise is the unstoppable NOPD commander. Monique Desmonde is the psychiatrist, and Alexandra Desephano is the brilliant nurse attorney. The leading surgeon Robert Bonnet, is a health care reformer, providing one or the main focuses of this excellent medical thriller.Judith Lucci again has penned an exciting page-turner. I would certainly recommend the reading of her thrillers. The depth of her knowledge in the medical scene brings the story to life. Lucci writes well-portrayed characters, feel as though you know them personally.Again an excellent thriller that you will not forget.

  • Mike Billington author of Murder in the Rainy Season
    2019-06-06 00:31

    There is a lot to like about 'The Imposter,' a medical/crime thriller with psychological overtones that takes place at a major hospital in New Orleans.For example: The author clearly has a solid health care background and understands just how hospitals work - and don't work - in today's business environment. She uses her characters to make excellent - and very pointed - observations about the quality of care on psychiatric units, the impact of insurance company policies on that care, and the conflicts that result when hospital administrators and physicians clash over expenditures relating to patient care and staff safety.She also has an intriguing story line: A dangerously psychotic person is stalking - and in some cases murdering - people who work at the hospital as well as some of its patients.Where I had trouble with this book lies, in part, with some of her characters.Police Commander Jack Francoise, for example, is supposed to be one of the heroes of the novel. He is, however, a man who routinely abuses his authority by parking wherever he likes, he is often rude, is unsure of himself in the presence of people who have expertise that he does not, thinks people "talk down to him" when he doesn't understand something, has an out-of-control temper, and is a micro-manager who - although he is now responsible for an entire police district - feels compelled to show up at every crime scene. He is dismissive of those he does not like and seems fully capable of taking the law into his own hands when it suits him.I also had some difficulty with the author's descriptions of the way in which her characters interact with one another. People don't speak, for example, they often "roar" at one another. Many of their comments are shouting matches, complete with an overabundance of exclamation points. They are often unable to compromise.Unfortunately, I think the author was on the mark when it came to describing how hospitals and the police react to the media and the public at large. For example, early in the book she has Francoise complaining about the "liberal media" because local newspapers and television stations dared to print and broadcast the fact that the hospital had "lost" DNA evidence, that the staff had often falsified reports, and that some staff members had even sold body parts on the black market. In real life, as in this novel, too often cops and hospital administrators would much prefer that information such as this be swept under the rug and, rather than deal with it in an open and honest way, quietly pay off the wrongdoers or see that they are transferred to some other unsuspecting institution or police department. Later in the book, after another tragic incident at the hospital, the main characters get together to plan a "media strategy." Simply telling the truth about what happened never seems to enter into their thought processes.Finally, I had problems with the editing of this book. There were many instances, for example, of incorrect word choices. In one instance, for example, a character "shutters" instead of "shudders." In another instance a character "ventilates" instead of "vents" his feelings. In yet another a character utters the "low, cultural sounds of a wild animal in intense pain." I suspect the author meant that the character had uttered "low, guttural sounds." In one final example, the author refers to someone as an "insane maniac." An editor would have crossed out one of those words because, used together, one of them is superfluous.This is, on balance, an interesting book with a fairly straightforward narrative that doesn't lose readers, leaving them wondering what's going on. Some of the characters - particularly hospital lawyer Alex DeStephano - are very intriguing and offer great possibilities for future books.

  • chuckssite
    2019-06-01 19:24

    This is the 5th Judith Lucci book I have read (actually I'm only half through) and they all keep my attention throughout and have multiple subplots that develop as the book progresses and resolve close to the end, sometimes in a surprising manner. Knowing many of the characters from earlier stories is helpful for me especially when I learn more details that aid in following the plot. The book stands alone, but one is more at ease having read her previous work - do it in order.

  • TwoFromTx
    2019-05-27 16:25

    The Imposter by Judith Lucci is an extraordinary, spine tingling story. Not only is it the best psycho-thriller I have read in many years, it is also quite accurate in describing current psychiatric practice in the US. I enjoyed many of the characters I initially met through another Judith Lucci novel. The characters are so well described and depicted that I feel as though they are my friends.The Imposter has a strong plot filled with well-developed characters and a storyline encompassing countless twists and turns. I did not now who the villain was until the end of the book. All in all, the book is extraordinary - well written and explosive.All in all, another excellent medical thriller from Judith Lucci. Highly recommended.