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Engaging A charming debut thriller Publishers Weekly The hilarious first book in the Bestselling Maternal Instincts Mystery Series A body has been dredged from the San Francisco Bay Kate Connolly, pregnant and ready to pop, has reason to fear it may be her long lost brother in law When a private investigator begins nosing around, Kate decides on a new career path Battling sleep deprivation, diaper blowouts and breastfeeding mishaps she muddles through her own investigation, Mommy style To do 1 Find Killer2 Figure out hideous breast pump.3 Avoid cranky cop.4 Send out Make birth announcements.5 Buy pink paper for the birth announcements.5 FIND KILLERFamily life has never been so exciting, but after Kate launches her own female detective agency, she may just get than she bargained for.Full of suspense, this cozy is unputdownable If you were expecting warm and cute you ll be mistaken Fast paced and fun, this book gives a true feel of the modern mom,trying to juggle motherhood and career when that career happens to be solving crimes Rhys Bowen, New York Times Bestselling AuthorClean read no graphic violence, sex, or strong language.Genre humorous culinary cozy mysteries, cat cozy mystery series women amateur sleuth detective mysteryMATERNAL INSTINCTS MYSTERIESBundle of Trouble Book 1 Motherhood is Murder Book 2 Formula for Murder Book 3 Nursing a Grudge Book 4 Pampered to Death Book 5 Killer Cravings Book 6...

Title : Bundle of Trouble (A Humorous Cozy Mystery) (A Maternal Instincts Mystery Book 1) (English Edition)
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Bundle of Trouble (A Humorous Cozy Mystery) (A Maternal Instincts Mystery Book 1) (English Edition) Reviews

  • thomas n
    2019-02-20 01:31

    and something to learn about maternity leave and about private detectives.I've been wondering all the time how these topics go together, but it sound real (even if there is a lot of luck, I'd say.

  • Shirley
    2019-03-05 07:24

    Way too much baby! I paid for the audible version so I listened to the very end. Who would take a baby, especially an infant, with them to investigations? That baby is amazing, it seems to be able to do lots of things most babies can't. I kept expecting it to have a conversation with the mother and give her hints on how to solve the murders. Motherhood and loving your baby is fine but this one got me to the level of being nauseous! I got tired of all the silly names she called the kid. The cover of the book is great, nice art work. Covers are usually what draws me to a book but this one drew me and didn't give anythingI think the author is probably a good writer, but I won't waste time or money on any more of these motherhood/amateur PI books. I didn't feel that the way she was one day not a PI and then next day a PI. Doesn't it take a bit more to being one, oh, well don't confuse us with facts, afterall it is fiction.

  • T. J. Stillman
    2019-03-18 05:34

    This book was just o.k. I don't think I'll read anything else in the series. BTW as an animal lover, I was disappointed by the picture of the cat on the cover. No cat ever appears in the book.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-02-25 02:15

    This would have been better if the baby had been left out of the story. I kept expecting her to forget, and leave the baby somewhere.

  • Beverly Gonzalez
    2019-03-02 08:25

    Kate is in labor with her first child when the phone rings with bad news about her husband Jim's brother. A body has been found in the bay and Jim's brother George's belongings have been found on the pier near the location where the murdered body was found. Kate delivers baby Laurie and finds out George was not the victim. If George isn't the victim then where is he? Since Kate is on maternity leave she decides to look for him herself. As Kate investigates she discovers she knows some of the people involved personally. She meets a private investigator who thinks she just might be cut out to be a private investigator herself. That would suit her just fine! Since baby Laurie arrived she doesn't want to go back to her old job anyway! This book hilariously takes birth and motherhood to a new level! It's twists and turns will leave you laughing and crying and rooting for Kate to solve the murders, yes the murders. A great author and book. I highly recommend both!

  • Larry Edell
    2019-03-02 02:20

    I must just have seen the Cozy Mystery label and not noticed the Maternal Instincts designation because this was definitely a book for Moms, new moms, at that. There was just too much baby in it for me, to the point that it was distracting and detracted from the story. The plot was also pretty unbelievable with a new mom who suddenly decides to become a P.I. She has a mentor, but not much else. I finished the book, but didn't really enjoy it. The only reason for 3 stars instead of 1 is because I probably would have enjoyed it if I were a new mom.