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Brock Badd is everythingexceptbad Hes sexy, sweet, strong, and every other good thing I never thought I wanted in a man I always thought I needed the real bad boys, the ones that screw you senseless and pull your hair and arent there to talk about it in the morning.Ive always been a one night stand kind of girl, and sometimes I wouldnt even stick around for a full night Brock was supposed to be a one night standthats how it started out, at least Only, what was supposed to be a fun one time only hookup with a hot local guy ended up with me discovering Brocks potency six different ways by breakfast.That was all it took One night with Brock, and I was hooked Buthookeddoesnt meanready for a relationship.Thats what he wants And deep down, Im starting to fear thats what I want too.Im just not sure Im ready for it.I mean, hes the literal epitome of tall, dark, and handsome, plus hes a pilotwith a six pack and perfect hair and a smile to melt me from the inside out Hows a girl supposed to resist that I couldnt I cant Ive tried, but I keep going back for .Ive got it bad, real BADD....

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Badd to the Bone (Badd Brothers Book 3) (English Edition) Reviews

  • Josie
    2019-05-16 18:40

    Oh man I got it bad. (No pun intended 😂)Claire is an ex army medic, turned computer nerd ( best friend is Mara from book 2)She starts seeing Brock, the pretty boy pilot, and gorgeous man hunk!However, Claire got so many issues, and the book really sheds light over it. It's an angsty read. Not like the other books, but it still had the same humour and unique writing style as the previous books.We also see a lot more person development in this book than the others.I loved it! As always, and the little chapter at the end with Bax! Swoon! Makes me really have a love / hate relationship with Jasinda Wilder for making me wait until August!!Will I recommend?: YES. A big fat yes!! They are funny, great characters, interesting storylines and I really feel the need to go to Alaska after this!Read: 17/06/2017

  • BaseballTaraReads
    2019-05-07 22:38

    So... I've read Jasinda Wilder before, including the first two books in this series and really enjoyed both of them. This book was just blah.Brock had the capacity to be the best hero of the Badd Brothers and I did enjoy him and his story line. But, Claire. Puh-lease. Being a stone cold bitch myself, I am quite familiar with the idea. However, her inner dialogue was painful. Did she love Brock? Oh yes, she loved having sex with Brock but was it too vanilla? And these thoughts playing over and over until I just didn't care. I didn't care if she ended up with Brock and I didn't care about her family drama. Yes, it worked out in the end and she had her a-ha moment. By the time this amazing transformation happened, I was so disinterested in her and her outcome. I just could not work up the energy to care. I loved Brock and I honestly thought that he deserved a better story.

  • shellbelle
    2019-04-29 17:32

    Badd To The Bone by Jasinda Wilder is the third book in the Badd Brothers series. This book is quite different from the two previous Badd Brothers books. First of all, most of the story takes place outside of Ketchikan, Alaska. There is very little of the Badd Brothers and their family dynamics in this book. In fact, Badd To The Bone is not really a Badd Brothers story even though Brock Badd is the hero. This is Claire Collins story and it's a doozy.I have gone back and forth on how to rate this book. I have deleted several drafts of this review. I have struggled with my reactions to this book because it was not one of my favorite Jasinda Wilder books. I honestly did not like the heroine Claire Collins.Although the Badd Brothers series is more in the erotic romance genre, there was almost too much sex. At times I felt like the sex was overshadowing the story and it started to get too predictable and a bit boring. In many ways Brock Badd seemed like a sexual puppet dancing to Claire Collins whims. Usually at this point I put the book down or start skimming to the end. What held me back from doing so was my faith in Jasinda Wilder as a writer. I knew she had more to tell the readers. There was more to Claire than her nympho tendencies and kinky fantasies. There was something hiding beneath the surface, something bigger than her daddy issues and relationship issues. As the story unfolded and revelations about Claire's past come to light, it is only the beginning of Claire's journey. A very broken woman striving to piece herself back together one tear drop at a time. It takes courage to face the demons that haunt your soul. It takes even more courage to put them to rest and take that first step towards a healthy future.I admired how Brock Badd was willing to fight for the woman he loved. He knew he couldn't fix her but he could hold her together when all the pieces of her soul were shattering beyond her control. He gave her the courage to finally heal.This is why I gave this book 5 Stars. Jasinda Wilder took a very harsh character on an emotional journey that brought her the right kind love in the end.I am looking forward to heading back to Ketchikan, Alaska for more Badd Brothers romantic adventures.

  • Maria Shev
    2019-05-20 17:46

    What can I say about Badd to the Bone, except not only was it an amazing read, it was like Jasinda found a journal from my life and it was a play by play.Brock Badd, a stunt pilot, sweet, caring and let us not leave out FREAKINIG HOT! Back in Alaska because he had to for Bast, his brother, they had all come home to honor the last wishes of their father. There wasn’t even a choice to be made, he would go back and take care of what needed to be done along with his other brothers. He didn’t think that he would find the woman of his dreams in Ketchikan, never thought that his world would be turned upside down.Claire Collins, what a hot mess she is; but it was almost like looking into the looking glass. Head strong and determined she was not going to let anyone hurt her ever again. Ex Army and full of anger and daddy issues, she met Brock, and thought that it would be like every other man she allowed in her life. Little did she know that her life was about to go on a trip she wasn’t prepared for.This book brought tears to my eyes more than once. It cuts deep down inside and takes a ride on the emotions and you can’t help but love these two. You want to scream at Claire and tell her to snap out of it. Her issues with men run deep; the control her in most of her every day happenings. As she struggles with the turmoil that rages inside of her, she wants to trust in Brock, she wants to open up to the feelings that she has for him, but what is it going to cost her?Brock pushes Claire to deal with her issues; he knows that he must because he can’t lose this woman. He must convince her that they belong together. He has never met a woman like Claire and he knows she is the one for him. She brings things out in him that he would have sworn died a long time ago. He never knew a love like this.

  • carol ann bahm
    2019-05-17 23:43

    Although I have been enjoying all the Badd Brothers books, thIs book was harder to read then the first two. The editing was horrible. Between the constant mixed up or omitted words, it became more of a chore to read then anything else. Also, it seemed like 90% of Brock and Claire's story was about them having sex. I never felt a deeper connection or chemistry between the two and quite frankly I don' t know why Brock put up with Claire's BS for so long let alone fall in love with her. Sorry, not one of my favorite Jasinda Wilder books.

  • rnj1
    2019-04-24 00:30

    While overall reading about Brock and Claire was enjoyable, Claire was in serious need of therapy, and not with Brock as her therapist. The sex was hot, Claire's suffering was real, but a little too real; I felt like I was reading a case study in a psychiatry book.On the other hand, there was a lot that hit home for me, personally. So, it's a mixed review. I'm going to try the next book. That will be the deciding factor.